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Advanced Business Analytics Malaysia
The leading one-stop IBM SPSS Statistics Software & Analytical Solutions Company

The leading one-stop IBM SPSS statistics software and analytical solutions company

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Predictive Solutions ( Headquartered in Poland ) provides a data analysis and reporting system known as PS IMAGO PRO, and a predictive analysis & deployment system known as PS CLEMENTINE PRO


  • PS IMAGO PRO – a comprehensive analysis and reporting solution based on IBM SPSS Statistics® that facilitates instantaneous creation and publication of professional ad hoc and periodically updated analytical reports.
    PS IMAGO PRO consists of:
  • PS Desktop – a solution management application that supports organization of analysis and reporting
  • PS IMAGO – an analytical engine based on IBM SPSS Statistics® that provides data access and a wide array of analytical techniques with an additional set of procedures used to prepare and analyze data and visualize results, PS IMAGO Pack PRO.
  • PS IMAGO Designer – an application used to prepare and publish dashboards and document-based reports; it supports the user in the process of defining report structure and creating and managing content, while also facilitating editing and unrestricted arrangement of result objects.
  • PS IMAGO Portal – a report (dashboard) distribution and publication environment that may be installed within an organization’s infrastructure to provide users with access to the published report via a standard web browser.
  • PS IMAGO Process – a component that facilitates automated creation and scheduling of periodic reports.



  • PS CLEMENTINE PRO – based on IBM SPSS Modeler®, a world renowned data mining and big data analysis environment. The architecture of the solution ensures flexible adjustments to organizational requirements and integration of predictive analyses with business processes and systems.
    PS CLEMENTINE PRO consists of:
  • PS Desktop – a solution management application that supports organization of the analysis process. It is dedicated both to analysts who prepare analyses and construct analytical processes and business users who run analytical processes on computers without any analytical engine
  • IBM SPSS Modeler® – a predictive analysis interface and engine used for data mining and big data. It ensures integration with databases and provides a wide set of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and statistical techniques with numerous forms of result visualization and reporting
  • PS CLEMENTINE Database – a repository for managing analytical resources, including storage in a definable structure, publishing, group work, versioning, extended descriptions with text notes and key words, and advanced search.
  • PS CLEMENTINE Scheduler – a component to automate and schedule analytical processes stored in the PS CLEMENTINE Database.

Comprehensive IBM SPSS Statistics system facilitates in‑depth analyses. Clear tables and charts make reading results intuitive. You can explain emergent trends better by presenting the sales process in an impressive form of e.g. dashboards.

At last! You can combine creation of result objects with clear presentation in the report. Creator of the report is free to set format, layout, background, or add comments to objects. Completed report can be published on our portal as a webpage or as one of available popular document formats.

It allows you to store knowledge on various areas of interest, subjects, or projects in one place that is accessible to everyone. This speeds up the process of sharing with authorised recipients. Easy access to in-depth information available in an attractive form streamlines the decision‑making process.


IBM SPSS Statistics + PS IMAGO Pack PRO

IBM SPSS Statistics is a proven and powerful tool for quantitative data analysis. A number of modules offer numerous techniques for tasks such as descriptive analysis, prognosis and prediction, and classification and grouping. 31 additional procedures of PS IMAGO Pack PRO greatly enhance functionality of IBM SPSS Statistics. They offer data set management, variable transformation, and variable dependency analysis methods that were unavailable until today. Apart from new techniques, PS IMAGO Pack PRO provides a number of new types of result visualisation methods e.g. dashboards or juxtaposed charts.


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