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The leading one-stop IBM SPSS Statistics Software & Analytical Solutions Company
Advanced Business Analytics Malaysia

The leading one-stop IBM SPSS statistics software and analytical solutions company

Consulting Services

ABA-MyStats SPSS Consulting combines industry best practices with its proven analytical, survey research and data mining approaches to enable clients in any industry solve problems more efficiently and effectively. When working with SPSS Consulting, we assure your staff can confidently use SPSS tools and techniques even after SPSS consultants leave. ABA-MyStats SPSS Consulting’s broad range of services that include data mining applications especially in Analytical Customer Relationship Management (aCRM) environment, statistical and survey research solutions that are suitable for both small and large organizations or whether you are a commercial enterprise, a government agency or an academic institution.

 Here are some of the applications & consulting services offered:

Objectives / Issues ABA-MyStats SPSS Applications & Consulting Services
Increase customer base Build acquisition models that improve the quantity and quality of the recruitment
Reduce customer churn / attrition Build models for churn analysis for retention and prevention strategies
Detect suspicious / fraudulent transactions Build models for fraud, waste and abuse detection
Identify high-risk credit applications Build models for credit scoring
Cross-sell / Up-sell initiatives – improve response rate Build models for customer segmentation, customer behaviour prediction and market basket analysis
Go beyond simple reporting with survey data, customer data, sales data Conduct statistical analysis i.e. hypotheses testing, ANOVA, Correlations, Multivariate Analysis
Produce specific format of statistical reports Conduct data audit and build statistical report based on specific requirements or standard format
Require automation for tedious and repetitive analytical and reporting jobs Automate analytical and reporting jobs through SPSS Syntax and Production Mode Facility features


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